Crew Chief- Jerry Foster 
Crew- Craig Moyer, Steve Daugherty, Matt Alder, Joe Alder, Chris Alder, Mike Graham, Stephanie Barnes, My Dad Roy Elliott, and Lee Faust
-NAME: Glenn Elliott -DATE OF BIRTH: 05-01-1972 -HOMETOWN: Sykesville Md -NICKNAMES: Glenno 
-HOBBIES: Racing/Working
-YEARS RACING: 18 -FAVORITE RACE: Hagerstown Speedway HOME TRACK: Hagerstown Speedway -MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS: My first limited late model win -CAREER GOAL: To win as many races as possible -OCCUPATION: Auto Body Shop owner -CHASSIS: Club 29 -CAR OWNER: Glenn Elliott -ENGINE: Cornett Thunder ‚Äč-CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Many good times racing with my family friends and crew at the races